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The links to the websites of several artists, musea, companies, bands and institutions as mentioned on the previous pages are listed here. They all have been and are still a great inspiration  [ listed in random order ].

Rodney Matthews- artist, Great Britain

the Dali Museum - museum, Figueres, Spain - website, Culture and things to do, Italy

Andre Franquin - artist, Belgium

Hawkwind - band, Great Britain

Frank Lloyd Wright - architect, USA

Rijksmuseum - museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

University of Amsterdam - the Netherlands

Pink Floyd - band, Great Britain (there is no official Pink Floyd website....)

TNO Delft - institution, Delft, the Netherlands

GfK Nederland - institution for market research, the Netherlands

Hang Over - band, Sittard, the Netherlands

Frank H. Netter - anatomic illustrator, USA

Frank Frazetta - artist, USA

Micheal Moorcock - author, Great Britain

Rush - band, Canada

University of Rotterdam - the Netherlands

Klaus Schulze - musician, Germany

Stedelijk Museum - museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Eimers Guitars – luthier specialized in Selmer / Maccaferri style guitars

La Gazzetta di Costanza - online magazine

Alexander Restaurations - gold and silver, Haarlem, the Netherlands

National Archeological Museum - museum, Athens, Greece

GianLorenzo Bernini - artist, Italy

Tangerine Dream - band, Germany

Roger Dean - artist, Great Britain

Uffizi - museum, Florence, Italy

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