i n s p i r a t i o n  (  a n d   a   s h o r t   h i s t o r y  )

In the past 50 years, fredbeusenberg has been inspired by many different kind of artists. Scientists, sculptors, painters, architects, illustrators , authors and musicians, they all have influenced his work in some kind of strange way. 

It all began in the '19 - seventies' , by opening his ears and eyes and eagerly and greedily absorbing sounds and images. Copying pictures from books (mostly in drawings), sketching animals and viewing nature documentaries on television, he developed a realistic style of expression. The first drawings were made during elementary school being bored with history or geography classes resulting in strangely illustrated tests. Soon, His grandfather noticed his interest in sketching, drawing and art and he gave him his first box of oil paint, some brushes and small linen panels to practice. 'Cloud 8' was his first painting. 'Cloud 9' is fredbeusenberg's hommage to his grandfather. Yet painting wasn't his first love, fredbeusenberg found it too difficult to use tools like brushes and paint and especially the mixture of colours was a pain. A pencil and a piece of paper (and sometimes an eraser) were his working kit for many years. Throughout high school he more and more developed his own style and became an expert in photograph - like portraits and illustrations. Many of these are originals and since, by that time not everyone owned a camera or a copy - machine, these were unfortunately lost in time . . . His education at University (Biology and Medicine) and not Art school (!) opened up a new era for him. Anatomy classes were his favourites. Botany, anatomy of the invertebrate and vertebrate animals and especially human anatomy were a new source of inspiration. Understanding how tissues, bones, muscles, organs and skin work together to create something like an 'organism' is fascinating. Combine that with a lot of sketching during classes! Some examples of that time are depicted on the page ' illustrations and logos '. He learned from real life and not from books like ' Anatomy for the Artist ' how all parts on the inside make up a complete human body or facial expressions. His great example was Frank Netter, the physician - artists who illustrated many anatomy books.

But anatomy wasn't enough. It was just the beginning. Travelling the world, he began to appreciate more and other expressions of art. Italian painters and sculptors of the renaissance like Carravaggio and Bernini, the Dutch masters of 'light and shadow' like Rembrandt and Vermeer (his grandfather's favourite), surrealistic artists like Salvador Dali and Rene Margritte, architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi, authors like Michael Moorcock and Ayn Rand. A strange mix of artists? It becomes even stranger when you include . . . musicians.

His brother introduced him (yes, we are back in the '19 - seventies') to a variety of musical noises. It started with rock bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind later to be followed by electronic bands like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Combine this with the deep symphonic sounds of Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and Rush and you'll get a pretty weird mixture of styles and inspirations. A simple example : Michael Moorcock (the great author of the 'Elric of Melnibone' books has inspired Rodney Matthews to create beautiful fantasy paintings and illustrations. In turn, Dave Brock (the lead singer of the rockband Hawkwind) was inspired by both of them to write lyrics for albums like 'Warrior on the Edge of Time'.

' e v e r y o n e   i n s p i r e s   e v e r y o n e '

Artists are always having trouble with 'detaining' themselves to just one form of art in finding their true artistic ways of expression. Architects design houses but also furniture, sculptors make three dimensional statues but start off with a two dimensional image. fredbeusenberg has been no exception. You need to express your artistic emotions in all kinds of different ways : sketches, drawings, designs, furniture, sculptures, jewelry and more, much, much more .

' b e   i n s p i r e d   b y   a l l   y o u r  s e n s e s  '